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Art of Disagreement

Performance / Installation, 2015

The center of the piece is a story in a fictional country where everyone claims to be the King. Inspired by Turkish Parliament’s ongoing political disagreement, the performance asks :  Is it really possible to accept and even make progress through political disagreement?

The performance consists of three parts: the first part is the 24-line poem which is read by a narrator and repeated by a chorus. The second part is a movement choreography of Turkish Parliament members‘ hand gestures of during moments of agreement and disagreement and the third part is a participatory action where the audience can either become or take picture with a king, and celebrate their "kingdom" by eating a traditional Turkish dessert, kadayif.

All Image Credits: Işıl Eğrikavuk, Art of Disagreement, Solo Exhibition, Salt Ulus, 2015.

Art of Disagreement was designed as a solo exhibition at Salt Ulus, Ankara in cooperation with Festival on wheels.

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