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Performance, Drawings, Text, 2021


Crossing from black to white

Crossing colors

What does it mean

crossing skin, crossing hair and its pigments?

Crossing into age

What’s the color of my age?

Alphabet of Hair is a work about aging, transitioning and traversing.


Drawing each falling hair of mine on a different card everyday, I created a collection of hair drawings using watercolor paint.


Walking in the field through imitating one of these shapes, I re-create the shape of my hair into the area of performance. I invite the audience in the field, giving them the instruction of moving in the space freely, imitating the shape they have been given and then exchanging their card with another person in the group. 

The performance continues with the reading of the text I have written and inviting the audience to think and reflect on their own crossing points in life. 


We finalize the performance with all of us walking in the space together, following the initial shape I carried.

Credits for all images: Işıl Eğrikavuk, Alphabet of Hair, 2021

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