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Every Kind of Myth is Written With Care

Performance, photography, 2015

What happens if the myth of Sisyphus, a paragraph from Roland Barthes’ book Mythologies and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s 2014 presidency speech come together in a text and it is played as a telephone game with the audience?

„Every Kind of Myth is Written With Care“, a performance by Işıl Eğrikavuk ve Jozef E. Amado was produced in 2015 for the Mardin Biennial. Bringing a fresh perspective to the Biennial’s theme "Mythologies", it was realised together with the participation of the audience in Sun Cinema in Mardin. 

Mr. Halil, who works as a scrivener at Mardin Court House, recorded the outcome of the telephone game with his typewriter. Below are the original text put together by the artists, and the final text after the telephone game (TR & ENG)

All Image Credits: Işıl Eğrikavuk & Jozef E. Amado, Every Kind of Myth is Written With Care, Performance, 3rd Mardin Biennial, 2015.

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