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the other garden

An Ongoing Artistic Research Project

UdK Berlin, Germany



the other garden is a collaborative artistic research project I started with a group of students from the UdK that brings together discussions about ecology, inclusivity, diversity and care.

the other garden is a green space, where we grow certain wild plants (neophytes) throughout the year, as well as an intellectual place, in which we hold regular lecture series on the topics intersecting diversity and ecology. 

What do we grow in the other garden?

Neophyte = plant species (weeds) that is not native to a geographical region and was introduced through human influence.

Our 'other' plants are neophytes, meaning they are not native to Germany, but have made their way from other geographies to Germany and stayed. 


   Weeds play an important role in nature and farming that is often being overlooked. So far we have eight different weeds in our garden, which are critically crucial for providing biodiversity.

the other garden aims to promote and make visible works especially by and for those who are underrepresented, especially women, LQBTQIA+ community, people of color and early career individuals.

the other garden runs as a social and collaborative space with interested student participants, groups and classrooms.

We ask:

How can we bring together issues around environmental crisis and ecology together with issues around diversity and inclusivity?

How can we create a living and social research space within the UdK that gives voice to those who are often silenced and underrepresented?

How can we together conduct an inclusive research that practices ‘caring for’ and ‘caring about’ beyond the gender-biased, patriarchal, colonial and mono cultural representations?

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