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The Interview

Video, 2008

America is on the verge of a deadly epidemic, the Bird Flu and only one person can save it. A 27 year-old doctor from Iraq, Anmaar Abdul-Nabi. After he is invited by the U.S government to find a cure for the deadly disease, he becomes the new hope for Americans.


The video actually comprises of two separate interviews. On one screen, we see Abdul Nabi getting interviewed by local St. Louis reporter Anne Marie Berger, and on the other Eğrikavuk coaches Abdul Nabi on how he should formulate his answers.


The video is an indirect narration of Abdul Nabi’s real life story, an Iraqi doctor, who comes to United States after 2003. Through the metaphor of bird flu, Eğrikavuk opens the issues of war, migration and homeland in discussion.

Watch The Interview:

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