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Maybe We Will Benefit From Our Neighbour’s Good Fortune

Exhibition, 2017

„Maybe We Will Benefit From Our Neighbour’s Good Fortune“ is an exhibition I curated in 2017 as part of my PhD thesis. Built on the ideas of neighbourhood and community, the exhibition searched for ways of towards building a community by producing, sharing, discussing and consuming artistic, ecological, dialogical and culinary experiences.

In an environment where freedom of expression is extremely limited and the right to protest is almost banned, the exhibition searched for ways of sustaining hope and solidarity through the aesthetic values of Gezi and in an artistic practice. Bringing together art and ecological collectives from around Turkey, we tried to see whether it would be possible to sustain these values in an artistic context and thus sustain hope for the future. 

Images from the exhibition:

From dadans' performance Play House

From HAH's installation, Without Encountering.

From Pelesiyer's Installation, Pelesiyer's Table

This exhibition is an extension of an academic collaboration among Brighton University, UK, and Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey. The academic part of the project is called “Aesthetics of Protest”, focusing on artistic production, political protests and the relationship between them.


Participant collectives:






İstanbul Permacultural Collective




Curatorial Statement

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