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The Panel

Performance, 2009

Eğrikavuk stages a panel discussion to discuss an artist project. The panel has four speakers, an artist, a curator, a gallerist and an art historian, all present to give opinion on artist Tayeeon Choi’s recent work, ‘This is not A’.

In his project, Choi re-tells the story of the last Turkish soldier who fought in Korean war and became a celebrity upon his return home. Yet, the panel itself is actually a scenario, written by Eğrikavuk. However, all four participants are people, who in their real lives work as the characters they play; an artist, a curator, a gallerist and an art historian.

Eğrikavuk also stands on the side, guiding the panelists and stopping them every once a while in order to get their real opinions on the role they play.

All image credits: Işıl Eğrikavuk, The Panel, Performance, 2009.

The performance was realized in Korean at LoopSpace, Seoul, South Korea.

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