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Reporting From The Border

Performance, 2006

In this 15 minute performance, Eğrikavuk and a truck driver named Hüseyin have an online chat, which live audience can watch through a projection screen.


The audience was also able ask questions and get a report from Hüseyin in Şemdinli, an Eastern Turkish town on the border of Iraq. The performance was in 2006, following the riots happened in Kurdish-populated Şemdinli after a bomb attack blamed on secret police.


During the performance Hüseyin answered questions both from Eğrikavuk and from people in the art space about what he is experiencing as a local inhabitant of the city.


Hüseyin’s role was scripted, and his comments were targeting Turkish media’s biased and incomplete coverage on the riots. The audience questions reflected the disparity between the two parts of the country.

All image credits: Işıl Eğrikavuk, Reporting From the Border, Performance, PİST ///, Istanbul, 2006.

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