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Choreography of A Court Case

Performance, 2016

Vienna's alternative art space mo.ë is under the threat of evacuation by the housing company Vestwerk. The space has a very interesting story: it was formerly owned by a Jewish family who produced army medallions, yet later was occupied by the Nazi's during the 2nd WW who continued the production. The building much later became an alternative art and music space, yet in early 2000's it was sold to a housing company.  Currently, there is a court case between mo.ë and the housing company regarding this evacuation process.

"Choreography of A Court Case" conceptualises the whole evacuation process of mo.ë by fictionalizing it with real life stories,  movements, text and music. By literally drawing the architectural floor plan of the space, two performers represent the two sides as mo.ë and Vestwerk lawyers during this absurd court case.

All image credits: Işıl Eğrikavuk, Choreography of A Court Case, Performance, 2016.

Written and conceptualised by Işıl Eğrikavuk

With: Enrico Tomassini, Mimie Maggale, Robert Jolly, Matteo Patti, Hande Yusumut, Ahmed Shqaqi, Philip Unterreiner

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