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Performance, 2019

Dear fear living in my chest, what do you wish to tell me?

In the middle of a small village called Gerswalde, located 100 km away from Berlin, lies a ‘jugendheim’ (youth home) where young refugee boys are staying. During my residency in the village, i worked with three of them. ‘Dear Fear’ is a performance inspired from their stories, the fear of the people in a former GDR village, and personal stories of fear.

The performance is a a part of the ongoing performance and exhibition series DIE BUEHNE,  curated by Lea Schleiffenbaum & Anna-Lena Werner at Der Große Garten, Gerswalde, Brandenburg (Uckermark).

Dear Fear was produced in collaboration with of Özgür Erkök, Tuana Ayaydınlı and Laura Siewert.

Işıl Eğrikavuk, Dear Fear, Performance, 2019.

All image credits:Işıl Eğrikavuk, Dear Fear, Performance, 2019.