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An Unusual Neighbourhood Tour

Performance, 2010

Istanbul’s then "new“ art hub, Tophane district becomes both the place and subject of this performance. In this collaborative work Işıl Eğrikavuk and Sevinç Üçok worked intensely for three months in the neighborhood, involving its residents.

The performance is a tour of twelve spots, including shops, ateliers and even people’s homes. The audiences are guided through a map and can visit all the spots in a given time. In each spot, there is a performance, realized by actors and the neighborhood residents.  A quilt making shop, a barber, a man’s coffee house and a real estate office are some of the stops, which are pre-arranged by the artists.

Touching on the issues of gentrification and the dicothomy between the new art galleries and already-existing craftsmanship in the area, „An Unusual Neighbourhood Tour“ took place three times in June 2010.

All Image Credits: Işıl Eğrikavuk &Sevinç Üçok, An Unusual Neighbourhood Tour, Performance, 2010.

Watch an excerpt here:

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