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Another Way (Başka Türlü *)

Performance, Nesin Art Village, Summer 2023

A performance in three different parts:

garden (soil)

terrace (kitchen)

table (food)

 In the summer of 2023, I was invited to Nesin Art Village's first artist in residency program, in the west coast of Turkey.

During my two week residency, I developed a performance involving letters written to the village's gardens and its inhabitants , a fictional recipe-writing game including the participation of the audience, and many haiku poems, as well as a full course meal at the end of the performance.

After the performance, together with Nesin İstasyon, we turned the whole process into an e-book. You can download it below for free.

*The word “Türlü” has several meanings in Turkish, it is both a stew made from many kinds of vegetables and it also means diverse or various. The title of the performance is a play on the word “türlü”, referring to the collective aspect of the performance, and an inter-species dialogue and the stew meal that is often served in the Nesin village’s daily menu.

Link for download:

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