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New Book: Global Protests Through Art
collaboration, co-creation, interconnectedness

Published by Books People Places and Universität der Künste Berlin ISBN 978-3-949944-03-1

Softcover, 2024, 13 x 19 cm, 108 p., with over 10 photographs, in English

What does a PhD thesis written by an artist look like? How is it presented and read? How do artists contribute to academic literature by conducting scientific research, yet not without giving up their artistic input? This book is about bringing the worlds of artistic and academic endeavours together.

Işıl Eğrikavuk’s book, which is a reworked rendition of her 2021 PhD thesis, was sparked by the Gezi Protests that started in Istanbul in 2013 and spread in many different cities. It points to certain intersections between the protests and her ongoing research of community arts through an artistic research project. The book offers the reader to look into the interesections between the Gezi protests and the community arts (socially engaged, dialogue-based art practices) as well as a hands-on collaborative arts project, which Eğrikavuk realized by working with six different arts and ecology collectives from Turkey.

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